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About Us

Will & Zosia Ericksson founded Momentum after:

  • Successfully consulting and freelancing
  • Careers in Healthcare and Executive Leadership 

We have worked with and trained many of the top Bubble developers.

We are based in Sydney Australia, and work with clients and contractors worldwide.

We can't wait to meet you and help you on your journey to succeed as an app building:

  • startup founder,
  • freelancer/consultant,
  • agency owner,
  • employee,
  • or weekend side-project ninja 🥷!

"This course allows students to not only build applications but to understand why they're building them in the way that they are."

- Spencer Charles, USA

Let's face it

Building Bubble apps can be a challenge


Maybe you are:

👉🏼 Starting out, and want to learn the right way. 🤓

👉🏼 Self taught and want to fill in the gaps and build confidence. 🤷🏽‍♂️

👉🏼 Fed up with forums and groups and want proper support. 🤬 

👉🏼 Already using Bubble in your job and want to grow your skills 🤓 

You've tried other alternatives. You want results! 🚀


Here's the thing. You are closer than you think to


⭐️ Building scalable, secure and reliable Bubble Apps ⭐️

⭐️ Achieving quality and increasing development speed ⭐️

⭐️ Implementing best practice ⭐️

⭐️ Going live with your app successfully⭐️

⭐️ Increasing your income significantly ⭐️

Momentum Academy is...


The only end-to-end program teaching you to build professional grade Bubble.io Apps in 90 days, without formal study or taking a coding boot camp!


Let's do this!

Learn high value
no-code skills

UX UI Design

Design your apps to feel clean, modern and intuitive to the user

Product Management

Define features, estimate task sizes, pitch your ideas convincingly so you get noticed

Bubble.io Development

Plan, implement, and deploy Bubble apps to build your business or career

Pass Certification

Build trust and credibility in the marketplace, by proving that you know your stuff

Build A Portfolio

Show the world what you are capable of, and lift your public profile

Practical, Real World Skills

Gain hands-on product building experience that is exactly what real companies are looking for

"Taking this course was great. I learned a lot, not only about Bubble, but also how to get organized with a complete vision of the project."

- Alejandra Galeano, Colombia

 Our promise... 


"Momentum Academy will enable you to achieve your goals in the Bubble.io App building world.


Whether you are an aspiring developer, a startup founder, or a product manager, we will ensure that you can build or oversee the development of production grade Bubble apps.


Our proven curriculum gives you the knowledge to pass Bubble’s certification, build a strong portfolio, and land a job anywhere in the world in as little as 90 days."


Let's do this!

We teach you the fundamentals to achieve anything you want in Bubble

From Marketplaces to SAAS products to Social Networks, anything is possible!

Custom User Interfaces (UI)

Create any User Interface and organise page structures efficiently. 

Responsive Websites and Apps

Configure pages to work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Implement Design Systems

Use styles and page elements  to create consistent User Interfaces.

Powerful Workflows

Create and manage user roles, send emails/SMS and configure interactions.

Complex Databases

Build and model the database you need with naming conventions and privacy rules.

API Integrations

Integrate with any external web service to trigger external events and retrieve data.

Deployment and Support

Deploy to the cloud, work with a team, and provide support to production apps.

Our Team

Will Ericksson

Program Director
Sydney, Australia (English)

Bubble certified developer


Will is a leading Bubble educator, developer and agency owner. Will has previously taught Bubble Bootcamps and Immerse programs.

Esteban Ardila

Senior Dev, Mentor
Sydney, Australia (English, Spanish)

Bubble certified developer 


Esteban is a Bubble and full stack web developer, with a passion for solution building and software architecture. He is responsible for tech design at Momentum Group.

Zosia Ericksson

Director, Business/Career Mentor
Sydney, Australia (English)

Zosia is an entrepreneur best known for her love of connecting with new people and ideas.

Chirag Dodiya

Program Coordinator
Mumbai, India (English, Hindi)


Chirag is a passionate product manager, Bubble developer, and technology evangelist. Chirag has built numerous products on Bubble.

Reggie Sackey-Addo

St. Louis, MO, USA (English)


Reggie loves to stay active and spend his spare time working on music and other fun side projects.

Bryce Nisperos

Program Administrator
Manila, Philippines (English, Filipino, French)

Bryce loves food and enjoys sports and the outdoors. She loves to tinker with systems and tech!

The Curriculum


Everything you need to succeed with Bubble. 

Bubble.io Certification Level Bootcamp

  • Complete end-to-end course, covering ALL aspects of Bubble
  • For founders, businesses and aspiring developers
  • Accepting beginner to advanced level students
  • 16 in depth modules, with 37 hours of content in total
  • Modules released as the previous module is successfully completed
  • 2 bonus modules
  • Slack channel
  • Community forum
  • Loom How-to Library
  • $300 Bubble credits
  • 8 hours of 1:1 coaching  - Dev, Design, Product & Business 
  • Weekly group co-work sessions
  • Group masterclass session with Momentum founders
  • Personalised review/feedback on homework
  • Portfolio review and interview practice
  • Curriculum designed to pass Bubble's certification
  • 12-month access to support and community
  • Apply to 3-month internship with Momentum to gain resume experience
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"This powerful program balances the dual focus on Bubble coding rules AND the must have knowledge all good developers need!"

- Alan Singer, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

"I am really enjoying the course. The Momentum team has managed to condense the technical aspects of Bubble into an easy to learn format."

- Valentina Valera, Spain

"I found the course really helpful. As I work in my very first tech job using Bubble, I apply what I learned in the course every single day."

- Holly Henske, USA

"Just finished the bootcamp and am building my first app now. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge through the training and am excited to start building Bubble apps!"

- Mohammed Omer, Abu Dhabi

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